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Lisa Romero is a complementary health practitioner and adult educator who has delivered education enriched with anthroposophy since 1998. From 2006 the primary focus of her work has been teaching inner development and anthroposophical meditation. Steiner Books has published her books: “The Inner Work Path – A Foundation for Meditative Practice in the Light of Anthroposophy” and “Developing the Self – Through the Inner Work Path in the Light of Anthroposophy”. Lisa lectures and presents courses and retreats on inner work and anthroposophical meditation for professional and personal development in Australia, America and England. Essentially Lisa’s work springs from the inner work, meditation and exercises together with a dedication to the path of unfolding consciousness. She brings a depth of insight that is reflected in the experiences and challenges of the participants who share in this work.

Louise de Forest
Louise is an international lecturer, Steiner early childhood teacher, teacher trainer and mentor.

After co-founding a Waldorf School in Vermont, Louise spent many years as a kindergarten teacher and started the Farm Kindergarten at the Fellowship Community in Spring Valley, NY.

After leaving full-time teaching, she worked part-time as the Early Childhood Pedagogical Director at the Rudolf Steiner School, in Manhattan. Presently, as a freelance Educational Consultant, she travels extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Europe, engaged in teacher training, mentoring teachers and early childhood programs, or, as a guest speaker. Louise sits on the WECAN Board and is one of two representatives from North America on the IASWECE Council.